Hey Anna
Friday, September 4
7:30pm, $10
Holiday Friday: Feat. Hey Anna / From Boston, MA, Off & On / Goodbye Tiger (Acoustic) / Fated Endeavor.
Saturday, September 5
7:30pm, $10
Holiday Rock Fest: From Los Angeles, CA, Desecrate (Their music is a unique blend of aggression and technical prowess founded by drive and passion, 10pm) / Ideosphere (11pm) / Dead Eyes Of Fall (9pm) / FireFight (8pm).
Lazy Lightning
Sunday, September 6
7:00pm, $10
Holiday Sunday Jam Featuring Rock Groove: Lazy Lightning (Jammin' Rock: A special night of Dead, Dead, Dead... cowgirls, spinners, drumz, space, crazy fingerz and foolish hearts. Two Sets.) and special guests.
Mark Melicia
Wednesday, September 9
7:00pm, $10
Asbury Cafe Presents "Summer Is Not Over Acoustic Festival" Featuring Mark Melicia (from The Parlor Mob) / Peter Klein (from Blisstique) / Joe Miller and special guests.
Asbury Cafe - This Is A Seated No Talking During The Performances. Coffee / Hot Cider / Tea Served All Night Long, Oh Yeah, Beer And Spirits Will Be Served All Night Long.
Thursday, September 10
7:30pm, $13
Rock: From Dublin, Ireland, Pugwash (cult powerpop outfit) / The Anderson Council / From Brooklyn, NY, The Lord Calverts and special guests.
40 Pound Hound
Friday, September 11
7:30pm, $10
Rock: 40 Pound Hound / Ziggy Shock and special guests.
Fun While You Wait
Saturday, September 12
7:00pm, $13
Rock Groove: "Asbury Park UkeFest 15" Featuring From New Jersey, Fun While You Wait / From NYC, Cousin Earth / From Long Island, NY, Motion Ocean / From Brick, NJ, 1L / From NJ, Colin Coleman.
The ukulele originated in the 19th century as a Hawaiian adaptation of the Portuguese machete small guitar-like instrument, which was introduced to Hawaii.
The Nightowls
Sunday, September 13
6:30pm, $12/$14
Rock Soul: From Austin, TX, The Nightowls (The Nightowls not only channel the Motor City's classic dancin'-in-the-street beats; they build on them to create an irresistible neo-soul sound that's all their own.) / Matt Wade Band and special guests.
Peter Case
Wednesday, September 16
7:00pm, $15/$18
Asbury Cafe Presents: Acoustic Rock: From San Francisco, CA, Peter Case (Peter played in the seminal power pop group The Nerves, before moving to Los Angeles to form the Plimsouls, landing a deal with Geffen Records.) and special guests.
Asbury Cafe - This Is A Seated No Talking During The Performances. Coffee / Hot Cider / Tea Served All Night Long, Oh Yeah, Beer And Spirits Will Be Served All Night Long.
Lotus Crush
Thursday, September 17
7:30pm, $13
Rock: From Seattle, WA, Lotus Crush (Feat. Members of Candlebox and Terry McDermot From The Voice) / From Earth, Plvnet / From Scotland, Craig John Davidson / From NJ, Iam Tommy.
Patrolled By Radar / Larry Mitchell Trio
Friday, September 18
7:00pm, $13
Rock: From Los Angeles, CA, Patrolled By Radar (In their new release, "Cool Your Jets," the band fuses the finer elements of the past four decades to craft rock songs whose appeal defies genre or classification.) / From Brooklyn, NY, Larry Mitchell Trio (They blend rock, funk, jazz and blues into a melodic frenzy.) and special guests.
The Shady Street Show Band & Hot Blood
Saturday, September 19
7:30pm, $10
Rock: The Shady Street Show Band & Hot Blood (An amazing collaboration not to be missed.) / Lowlight / Bone & Marrow.
Cranston Dean
Sunday, September 20
7:00pm, $10
Rock: Cranston Dean / From Richmond, VA, The Moonbees / From Jackson, MS, Young Valley / Bri LoBue.
Divided Heaven
Monday, September 21
7:30pm, $8/$10
Rock: From Los Angeles, CA, Divided Heaven / Zack Moyle (From Lost In Society) / Toy Cars / Ragged Lines (Carter Henry).
Charlie Mars
Tuesday, September 22
7:30pm, $15/$18
Rock Acoustic: Asbury Cafe Presents From Oxford, Mississippi, Charlie Mars (Performing New Songs From His New Release "Money." Buy it today on Thirty Tigers. As heard on 90.5 WBJB-FM Brookdale Public Radio) and special guests.
Jessica Lee Wilkes
Wednesday, September 23
7:30pm, $10
Rock: From Paduchah, KY, Jessica Lee Wilkes (Raw, Rhythm & Blues-tinged Rock & Roll from a bygone era yet to come.) and special guests.
The F.L.O.W.
Saturday, September 26
7:30pm, $10
Rock Hip Soul Groove: Feat. The F.L.O.W. (Featuring from Asbury Park Khadijah and Talib Mohammed are fast becoming stars of the next generation of hit songwriters, with their eye on crafting chart-topping records across a range of genres from contemporary R&B, to pop and rock.) and very special guests.
Solar Circus / Doobie Decibel System
Sunday, September 27
6:30pm, $20
Rock Jam: Solar Circus Featuring Mark Diomede, Jason Crosby, Tom Donovan, Charles Mitchell, Kevin Kopack / From San Francisco, CA, Doobie Decibel System Feat. Jason Crosby, Roger McNamee, Pete Sears, Dan "Lebo" Lebowitz, Jay Lane.
Mary Ocher
Monday, September 28
7:15pm, $10
Rock Indie: From Berlin, Germany, Mary Ocher (Your favorite outsider torch singer.) / Far In The Maples / From Brooklyn, NY, Ruby My Dear and special guests.
Jeanne Jolly
Wednesday, September 30
7:30pm, $15
Rock: From Raleigh, NC, Jeanne Jolly / Johathan Tea and special guests.
The Easy Outs
Saturday, October 3
7:30pm, $10
The Saint and UMT Presents Rock: The Easy Outs (CD Release Party, Mainman Records Recording Artists) and special guests.
The Del-Lords show previously scheduled for this date has been postponed. The Del-Lords' front man Eric Ambel broke his leg very badly and has to undergo major surgery in the coming weeks. Their show will be rescheduled at later date in the new year.
The Ballroom Thieves
Sunday, October 4
7:30pm, $12/$14
Rock: From Boston, MA, The Ballroom Thieves (As heard on 90.5 WBJB-FM, the trio finds a captivating mélange of acoustic styles, blending folk conventions with modern hymnals, delta blues grit with rich harmonies.) and special guests.
That 1 Guy
Monday, October 5
7:30pm, $15/$18
Rock: From Las Vegas, NV, "An Evening With" That 1 Guy (Experimental "earthshaking future funk" from the future maybe.)
Mister F
Thursday, October 8
7:30pm, $10
The Saint And Phanphest.com PresentsRock Groove: From Albany, NY, Mister F (Featuring Members Of Timbre Coup & Capita, 9:10) / From Philadelphia, PA, Blendmode (10:30) / UFOTOFU (8pm).
Friday, October 9
7:30pm, $15
Rock Acoustic: From Nashville, TN, Birdcloud (10:30) ("Warshin My Big Ol Pussy" may not seem like the title of your average country song (and most definitely not anything you'd want to sing your baby to sleep with.) / From Eureka Springs, AK, Mountain Sprouts (9:30) / Blaine Cartwright (From Nashville Pussy, Solo Acoustic, 8:30) / From Asbury Park, Dark City Strings,(11:45) and special guests.
Rod Picott
Saturday, October 10
6:00pm, $13/$15
(Early Show) Asbury Cafe Presents Acoustic Rock: From Nashville, TN, Rod Picott (Celebrating His New Release "Fortune") / From St. Petersburg, FL/New Jersey, Amber Lynn Nicol and special guests.
Onward, etc.
Saturday, October 10
10:00pm, $13
(Late Show) Rock Acoustic: From Yankton, South Dakota, Onward, etc. (Onward, etc. is a musical project put together by Rosco Wuestewald.) / American Opera (On Tour This Summer - Vans Warped Tour 2015.) / The Ghost Pines.
Sunday, October 11
7:00pm, $15
Rock Groove: From Savannah, GA, Passafire / From Sliver Spring, MD, Lionize / From Cornwall, England, BackBeat SoundSystem (Easy Star Records).
Miler High Life Cans $3 All Night Long And Giveaways.
Chuck Prophet
Tuesday, October 13
7:00pm, $15/$18
Asbury Cafe Presents: Acoustic Rock: From San Francisco, CA, Chuck Prophet (A vivid parade of razor-edged one-liners camouflaged in a slack-jawed drawl, songs about heartbreak and everyman heroism, drenched in twisted lines of rude Telecaster.) and special guests.
Asbury Cafe - This Is A Seated No Talking During The Performances. Coffee / Hot Cider / Tea Served All Night Long, Oh Yeah, Beer And Spirits Will Be Served All Night Long.
Joseph Arthur
Thursday, October 15
7:30pm, $20
Asbury Cafe Presents Rock Acoustic: From Brooklyn, NY, Joseph Arthur (Lonely Astronaut Recording Artist) and special guests.
Asbury Cafe - This Is A Seated No Talking During The Performances. Coffee / Hot Cider / Tea Served All Night Long, Oh Yeah, Beer And Spirits Will Be Served All Night Long.
Fortunate Youth
Friday, October 16
7:30pm, $15/$18
At The Wonder Bar: The Saint & Elm Street Productions Presents: Rock Groove: "Don't Think Twice Fall Tour" From South Bay LA, CA, Fortunate Youth / From San Diego, CA, Stranger / From Atlantic City, NJ, Sensamotion and special guests,
At The Wonder Bar, 1213 Ocean Ave. Asbury Park, NJ, 732-502-8886, 18 To Enter, 21 To Drink.
Two Cow Garage
Thursday, October 22
7:30pm, $12
Rock: From Columbus, OH, Two Cow Garage and special guests.
The Last Year
Saturday, October 24
7:30pm, $12
Rock: From Baltimore, MD, The Last Year (Their music has a kaleidoscopic attitude, embracing diverse influences and refusing to give in to conventions.) / Autumn City and special guests.
Nicholas David
Tuesday, October 27
7:30pm, $15
Rock Soul Acoustic: From St. Paul, MN, Nicholas David (Nicholas' music is a fully integrative experience, incorporating multiple genres and influences ranging everywhere from Prince to Beethoven. Also appeared on The Voice in 2012.) and special guests.
The Union
Friday, October 30
7:30pm, $10
Rock Groove: "Halloween Eve Costume Bash" Featuring The Union (Feat. Members From Loose Fit & Tash Even & Kyle) / Sakima / UFOTOFU. $100 Costume Prize And Other Prizes For Runners Up.
Saturday, November 7
Joe Krown Trio
7:30pm, $20
The Saint & ElmThree Productions Presents Rock Groove: From New Orleans, Joe Krown Trio Featuring Walter "Wolfman" Washington and Russell Batiste Jr. / The Shady Street Show Band / Matter Trio.
Desecrate Pugwash Fun While You Wait