The Social Animals
Monday, October 23
Doors 7:00pm, $10
Rock Indie: From Duluth, MN, The Social Animals (They're a full-time, van loving young band. They speak through elegantly sarcastic, thoughtful melodies splattered across a canvas of indie rock instrumentation.) and special guests.
Tuesday, October 24
Doors 7:00pm, $10
Indie Folk: From Boston, MA, Covey (Covey is a folk rock project fronted by vocalist and guitarist Tom Freeman. With raspy, delicate vocals and ambient textures.) and special guests.
Ian Colletti
Wednesday, October 25
Doors 7:30pm, $8
Rock: Ian Colletti (From AMC's Preacher) and special guests.
Puerto Rico Benefit
Thursday, October 26
Doors 6:00pm, $10/$13
Rock: Hurricane Maria Relief Puerto Rico Benefit (Funds will be sent to The Red Cross to help the people of Puerto Rico.) Featuring Performances by Modern Crowds (11:30) / Shoobies (10:30) / Taylor Tote Band (9:30) / Idle Wave (8:32) / Ernest (7:30) / Maria Krausss (6:45) and special guests.
The Double Negatives
Friday, October 27
Doors 7:30pm, $10
Rock: The Saint's Halloween Spooktacular! Featuring The Double Negatives / The Burns / From Philly, Canyon Ride / The Afraid Brigade. COSTUME CONTEST: $100 for First Prize, 2nd and 3rd Prizes TBA.
The Split Squad
Saturday, October 28
Doors 7:00pm, $15
Rock: The Split Squad (Keith Streng (The Fleshtones), Mike Giblin (The Minus 5/Parallax Project), Eddie Munoz (The Plimsouls), Josh Kantor (The Baseball Project) and rock & Roll Hall of Fame member Clem Burke (Blondie), on at 10:30) / From Denver, Dressy Bessy (9:30) / From Stockholm, Sweden, Stupidity (8:30) / Crust (11:45) / The Antics (7:30).
Sunday, October 29
Doors 6:30pm, $10
The Saint & Phanphest Presents Rock Groove: From Boulder, CO, Amoramora (They are a traveling, working, multipurpose rock and jazz fusion quartet, 9pm) / Balter Band (8pm) and special guests.
Bionic Monkey
Monday, October 30
Doors 7:00pm, $5
Low Dough Show: Rock: Mischief Night Party Featuring Bionic Monkey (Apocalyptic Superhero Rock and/or Roll. 9:30) / The Extras and special guests.
Wednesday, November 1
Doors 7:00pm, $8
Rock: Mirage and special guests.
Thursday, November 2
Doors 7:00pm, $10
Rock: Zenergy Presents From Fort Worth, TX, Whiskey Dick (Cult favorites WhiskeyDick blow minds with a double barrel blast of dreadnaught shredding and hillbilly bellowing that makes you want to knock back a shot, stand up tall, and holler.) / Sekond Skyn / Flatleaver and special guests.
Friday, November 3
Doors 7:00pm, $10
(Early Show) Rock: HANKANDBEZZY ("We are more than a band, we are a manifesto. If Billy Joel and Steely Dan had a love child that looked like Meatloaf and an older Paul Simon - you are in the right place for great music!" - Rolling Bone Music, 7:30-9:30)
Olivia Bec
Friday, November 3
Doors 10:00pm, $10
(Late Show) Rock Indie: Olivia Bec / Skyeline / Jean Pool and special guests.
L.A. Witch
Saturday, November 4
Doors 7:30pm, $10
Rock Indie: Little Dickman Records Presents From LA, Witch / From Brooklyn, NY, Honduras / From Brooklyn, NY, Pink Mexico / Lyons and special guests.
Larry Kirwan
Sunday, November 5
Doors 3:00pm, $15/$20
(Early Show) From NYC, Larry Kirwan Presents: A History in Song (Larry is an expatriate Irish writer and musician, most noted as the lead singer for the New York-based Irish rock band, Black 47. He hosts and produces Celtic Crush for SiriusXM Satellite Radio and writes a weekly column for the Irish Echo.) and special guests.
Mom Jeans.
Monday, November 6
Doors 7:30pm, $10
Rock Indie: From Berkeley, CA, Mom Jeans. (life is sad and then we die. might as well make something kinda cool looking.) / From Weed Mountain, NY, Prince Daddy and the Hyena / Toy Cars / Well Wisher.
Korby Lenker
Tuesday, November 7
Doors 7:00pm, $10/$13
Asbury Cafe Presents From Nashville, TN, Korby Lenker (Korby Lenker is a sneaky-good songwriter. And singer. And multi-instrumentalist.) and special guests.

Asbury Cafe - This Is A Seated No Talking Show During The Performance.

Sun Parade
Wednesday, November 8
Doors 7:00pm, $10
Rock: From Northhampton, MA, Sun Parade (CD Release Show "Shuggy Mtn Breakdown," Sun Parade is "crafting the kinds of traditional guitar-pop songs that people might still be singing 50 years down the road ...") and special guests.
Thursday, November 9
The Godlings
Doors 7:00pm, $10
Karma Cartel Presents The 4th Annual Food Drive Show Featuring Performances by The Godlings / The Rockstar Scenario / Pamela Flores / Acqui / Spoken Word by Tara Tomaino / Maggie Danger Brown / Michael Mills.
Sun-Dried Vibes
Friday, November 10
Doors 7:30pm, $10/$13
Reggae Groove: From Fort Mill, SC, Sun-Dried Vibes (Sun-Dried Vibes provide a fresh twist to the reggae/rock genre with their high-energy live performances that crank out infectious sing-a-longs laced with a positive message.) / Eastborne / Psychotic Submarines and special guests.
Saturday, November 11
Doors 7:30pm, $10
Rock: Chemtrail (A post-rock/instrumental rock band from Asbury Park, NJ. 11 years of performing at The Saint and around Asbury Park.) and special guests.
Colossal Street Jam
Saturday, November 18
Doors 7:00pm, $10
The Saint's 23rd Birthday Celebration Series of Shows Featuring "It's Our Birthday Bash Party!" Featuring Colossal Street Jam and special guests.
Sunday, November 19
Doors 7:30pm, $5
The Saint's 23rd Birthday Celebration Series of Shows Presented by Little Dickman Records: Low Dough Show Featuring From Brooklyn, NY, BOYTOY / gods / Von Mons / The Off White.
Porter & Sayles
Monday, November 20
Doors 7:00pm, $13/$15
The Saint's 23rd Birthday Celebration Series of Shows Featuring Rock Acoustic: From Stroudsburg, PA, Porter & Sayles (A crossover between country, folk-rock and a side of southern crooning.) and special guests.
Joshua Van Ness Band
Sunday, December 3
Doors 3:30pm, $5/$10
"Hearts on Our Sleeves" - Coat Drive Benefit Concert Featuring Rock: Matthew Stephen and The Sweet Action (9pm) / Joshua Van Ness Band (8pm) / Brandywine Road (7pm) / Nalani & Sarina (6pm) / Christina Alessi & Jonathon Andrew (5pm) / The Sunday Blues (4pm).

$5 With Coat / $10 Without Coat. In partnership with Morning Glory Behavioral Health Program Neptune, NJ.

Bill Toms & Hard Rain
Friday, December 8
Doors 6:00pm, $15/$18
(Early Show) Bill Toms & Hard Rain (New Release 'Good For My Soul') / From Silvermine, CT, Chris Berardo.
China Crisis
Sunday, December 10
Doors 6:00pm, $15/$20
Rock: From Liverpool, England. China Crisis / Composition of Sound Featuring DJs Melodrama (Melody Bar), Sean Carolan (WHTG,, Ed Wong (WRSU, Reflux, Melody Bar) spinning and special guests.

Liverpudlian duo China Crisis are probably the most underrated band of their generation. They are best remembered for their soulful art pop, it's quite strange to think now that when they first emerged, they were quite uptempo and percussive with post-punk influences such as MAGAZINE and Simple Minds.

Jocelyn & Chris Arndt
Thursday, December 28
Doors 7:00pm, $10
Rock: From Cambridge, MA, Jocelyn & Chris Arndt (Devastatingly powerful vocals and retro-rock guitar, with lyrics that run the gamut from vulnerable to all-out venomous.) and special guests.