Matthew Curry
Tuesday, February 21
Doors 7:30pm, $13/$15
Rock Blues: From Bloomington, IL, Matthew Curry ("He's the next guitar hero!" - Steve Miller, 8:45) / Fish Eyed Blues and special guests.
Basic Bitches
Wednesday, February 22
Doors 7:30pm, $5
Low Dough Show Rock: From Jersey City / Brooklyn, NY, Basic Bitches (Just another rock and roll band from Brooklyn, Not, 9:20) / Jeff Linden and the Black Spot Society (10:15) / The Wedge (8:20) / From Dallas TX, Thieves Of Sunrise (The band brings funky, soul-infused southern rock back with a sound that is as original as it is classic, 11:15) and special guests.
Active Bird Community
Thursday, February 23
Doors 7:30pm, $10
Rock: From NYC, Active Bird Community (While ABC was young and experimenting with their sound, early listeners sensed something teeming beneath the surface.) / Goodluck Spaceman and special guests.
Cranston Dean
Friday, February 24
Doors 7:30pm, $10
Rock Groove: Cranston Dean / Big Bam / The Shady Street Show Band / From DC, Of Tomorrow / Luke Cantin.
Saturday, February 25
Doors 7:30pm, $10
Rock Groove: TrapBang (Kon Sweetie's "I've Lost Control Of My Life" Album Release Show, 10:45) / Depreciator (10pm) / Korey Costa (9:15) / Shoobies (8:30).
Free Kittens And Bread
Monday, February 27
Doors 7:00pm, $5
Low Dough Show Rock: From Austin, TX, Free Kittens And Bread (9:55) / Phoebe Nix (9:10) / Foes of Fern (8:15) / From Fredrick, MD, Blue Heaven (10:45) / Ernest (11:30) / Ces Picerno (7:30).
Bad Pop
Tuesday, February 28
Doors 7:00pm, $10/$13
Rock Indie: From Vancouver, Canada, Bad Pop (Formerly Hot Panda Vancouver weirdos turn Destroyer's blues into noisy brilliance with big fuzz, body of brains." ) and special guests.
Thursday, March 2
Doors 7:30pm, $10
Rock: From Nashville, TN, Airpark (Formerly The Apache Relay) / The Mercury Brothers and special guests.
Little Stranger
Friday, March 3
Doors 7:30pm, $10
The Saint & ElmThree Present Rock Groove: From Charleston, SC/Philly, Little Stranger (With influences from artists such as Beck, Gorillaz, and Outkast, Little Stranger combine melodic songwriting with hip-hop-inspired lyricism and production, creating a sound that slips into your subconscious after one listen!) / Waiting On Mongo / From Athens, GA, The Norm (The band combine their urban roots with layers of funk, reggae, pop, rock, and hip hop to achieve a sound that is both unique and captivating.)
Saturday, March 4
The Walk Arounds
Doors 1:00pm, $12
All Age Matinee Featuring The Walk Arounds / Trustfall / This Years Comeback / Slapjack / Curious Graden / Stasi. No Alcohol Show.
Crimson Voodoo
Saturday, March 4
Doors 7:00pm, $10
Rock: Crimson Voodoo (They explores the lost art form known as rock n' roll music, 10:15) / Decade (Neil Young Tribute Band, 9pm) / Cigar Box Stompers (8pm) / Tom Lake (7:30).
George Wirth
Sunday, March 5
Doors 6:00pm, $10
Asbury Cafe Presents Acoustic: George Wirth's Acoustic Birthday Bash Featuring George Wirth (7pm) / Pat Guadagno (9:15) / From Reading, PA, Caroline Reese (8:30) / Anthony Walker (7:45) / Norman Draper (6:15).

Asbury Cafe - This Is A Seated No Talking Show During The Performances. Coffee / Hot Cider / Tea Served All Night Long. Oh Yeah, Beer And Spirits Will Be Served All Night Long.

Monday, March 6
Doors 7:00pm, $5
Rock: Lowlight / From Madison, WI, Seasaw (The duo has transformed into a combination of commanding instrumentation, intricate harmonies, and refreshing wit that is uniquely Seasaw.) and special guests.
Cranston Dean Band
Wednesday, March 8
Doors 7:30pm, $5
Low Dough Show: Rock: Cranston Dean Band / From Charlottesville, VA, Post Sixty Five (Laced with lush guitars, hyper-melodic bass lines, and energetic percussion, the band creates a sonic landscape that sets the scene for longing, pain and destructive desire.) / Ian Bamburger and special guests.
Waiting For Henry
Thursday, March 9
Doors 7:30pm, $10
Rock: Scott Stamper (The Saint) & Jeff Raspe (90.5, The Night, WBJB-FM) Birthday Bash In Asbury Park Featuring From NYC, Waiting For Henry (9pm) / Accidental Seabirds (10:15) and special guests.
Modern Chemistry
Friday, March 10
Doors 7:30pm, $10
Rock: Modern Chemistry (Badasses All Day, Every Day. Get to love us.) / Toy Cars / ManDancing / Prim.
Yawn Mower
Saturday, March 11
Doors 7:30pm, $7
Rock Indie: Burger Records & Little Dickman Records Presents A Glass Fox Productions: Featuring Gods (11:30) / Yawn Mower (Release Show, 10:45) / Lyons (10pm) / Stained Glass (9:15) / Pamela Flores (Full Band, 8:30).

This event is part of 3/11/17, Burger Revolution V - Worldwide. Proceeds of the show going to Planned Parenthood.

Negative Sky
Sunday, March 12
Doors 4:00pm, $10
Rock Heavy: Zenergy Entertainment Presents St. Patty's Post Parade Party Featuring Negative Sky (9pm) / Sekond Skyn (8pm) / Rahway (7pm) / From Revere, MA, Travel Amygdala (10pm) / Metal Life Crisis (6pm) / Baelfire (11pm).

Asbury Park's Saint Patrick's Day Parade from Noon to 3pm from Ocean Avenue to Cookman Avenue and ends on Main Street.

Mike Love
Friday, March 17
Doors 7:30pm, $15
Rock Groove: From Oahu, HI, Mike Love (One of reggae music's rising stars. Born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii to a musical family that spans generations.) and special guests.
Sunday, March 19
World Rocks Against Dementia
Doors 2:00pm, $10/$13
(Early Show) World Rocks Against Dementia Featuring Roshane (8:30) / Pamela Flores (7:30) / Ernest (6:30) / Neil Mastrobuono (5:30) / Not-On-Call (4:30) / Lakehouse Voices - Sophia Montalbano & The Leah Nawy Project (3:30) / Dave Vargo (2:30).

Proceeds will be donated to CVCJ Alzheimer's Respite Care Program, a local organization in our area that provides free services to individuals with dementia and their families, for more info:

Electric Kif
Tuesday, March 21
Doors 7:30pm, $5
Low Dough Show Rock Groove: From Miami, FL, Electric Kif (Their powerful live show brings an unparalleled energy and sound to the stage and displays a new experience every night.) and special guests.
Joseph Parsons
Wednesday, March 22
Doors 7:00pm, $12/$15
Asbury Cafe Presents Acoustic: From Hangover, GER, Joseph Parsons (Parsons is a founder of the collaborative bands US Rails, Parsons Thibaud, 4 Way Street (Sanctuary Records) & Hardpan (Blue Rose Records).) / From North Carolina, Jess Klein (Jess Klein says of her new album Learning Faith: "It's edgy and brutal, but it was inspired by a genuine love for this world.")

Asbury Cafe - This Is A Seated No Talking Show During The Performances. Coffee / Hot Cider / Tea Served All Night Long. Oh Yeah, Beer And Spirits Will Be Served All Night Long.

The Jigsaw Seen
Thursday, March 23
Doors 7:30pm, $10/$13
Rock: From Los Angeles, CA, The Jigsaw Seen (New Release Out Now on Burger Records) and special guests.
Paper Bird
Friday, March 24
Doors 7:30pm, $12/$15
Rock: From Denver, CO, Paper Bird ("Paper Bird is a band that possesses a sound that's more than the sum of its parts.") and special guests.
Desert Mountain Tribe
Saturday, March 25
Doors 7:30pm, $10/$13
Rock: From London, England, Desert Mountain Tribe (Debut album Either That Or The Moon was released in the spring of 2016 to a wealth of positive notices including respected platforms Drowned In Sound, Louder Than War and Classic Rock.) and special guests.
Kino Kimino
Sunday, March 26
Doors 7:30pm, $5
Rock Indie: Little Dickman Records And CoolDad Music Presents Low Dough Show From Brooklyn, NY, Kino Kimino (The whimsical quirky brainchild of punk eccentric Kim Talon w/contributions from Lee Ranaldo + Steve Shelley of Sonic Youth, brings a weird, feisty angst to her brand of shoegaze. Rhythmic guitar strums + quick-hitting drum rolls liven Talon's deadpan delivery.) / From Brooklyn, NY, Sharkmuffin / Ex-Girlfriends / Lunch Ladies / EVL MOMMZ.
Holly Bowling
Wednesday, March 29
Doors 7:30pm, $15
The Saint & ElmThree Present Asbury Cafe: Acoustic: From San Francisco, CA, Holly Bowling (Using classical piano technique to reinterpret these jamband luminaries, Holly's live performances infuse new with old, tradition with surreal, and creates a concert experience like nothing else in the music world.) and special guests.

Asbury Cafe - This is a seated show with no talking during the performances. Coffee, hot cider, tea and spirits served.

Thursday, March 30
The Double Negatives
Doors 7:00pm, $10
Rock: The Double Negatives / From Philadelphia, PA, Mo Lowda & The Humble (Known for their progressive song writing and energetic live performances.) and special guests.
Soule Monde
Saturday, April 1
Doors 7:00pm, $15/$17
The Saint & Elmthree Productions Present Soule Monde (Ray Paczkowski & Russ Lawton).

Soule Monde (Ray Paczkowski & Russ Lawton) is avant funk erupting from the syncopated minds of power drummer Russ Lawton + B3 wizard Ray Paczkowski. An ideal union of swagger and raw talent, the duo is cemented into an indestructible pocket, where bold improvisational leaps by either player are met by a near-telepathic response from the other. Ray has an intrepid knowledge of the Hammond B3, playing it as fearlessly as Han Solo flies the Millennium Falcon through an asteroid field, while his left hand lays down bass lines on the clavinet with the ferocity of the meanest four-string, soul-cat. Russ is constantly responding to his partner's attacks, pushing the groove further and deeper while holding the pocket like he's handcuffed to the snare. This is the jazz-duo your parents warned you about.

James McCartney
Tuesday, April 4
Doors 7:30pm, $15/$20
Rock: From England, James McCartney (New Release "The Blackberry Train," Produced By Steve Albini, Out Now), and special guests.
Lakehouse Music Academy
Thursday, April 6
Doors 5:30pm, Free!
Lakehouse Music Academy Adults Mid Semester Gig takes over our historic stage. Come check out the future bands of our already rich history of local artists. This is a free show. Come out and support the future bands of Asbury Park.

Lakehouse Music Academy is located at 619 Lake Ave., Asbury Park, 732.455.5462,

Primal Static
Thursday, April 20
Doors 7:30pm, $10
Rock: From Austin, TX, Primal Static (The duo has been creating music that's a mercurial mixture of east and west as well as rock, blues, baroque, folk, electronic and more, 10pm) / The Modern Crowds (Tour Kickoff Show, 11pm) / The Mercury Brothers (9pm) / Yawn Mower (8pm) and special guests.
Culture Featuring Kenyatta Hill
Sunday, April 23
Doors 7:00pm, $20/$25
Roots Reggae: From Kingston, Jamica, Culture Featuring Kenyatta Hill (Culture's "Two Sevens Clash 40th Year Anniversary Tour". The tour will feature Kenyatta Hill on lead vocals with original backing vocals and long-time backing band and will give everyone an opportunity to go back in time to the beginnings of the golden era of Reggae and see how relevant it still is today.) / Random Test and special guests.
The Black Clouds
Saturday, April 29
Doors 7:30pm, $10
The Saint and The Makin Waves 30th Anniversary Concert Series Presents A 50th Birthday Tribute to Nirvana's Kurt Cobain and a 50th Anniversary Tribute to The Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band" album feat. performances by The Black Clouds / The Vaughs / Experiment 34 / Wicked Hollow / The Yorkshire Teeth.
Fortunate Youth
Sunday, April 30
at the Wonder Bar (Fifth and Ocean Avenues, Asbury Park, NJ)
Doors 7:00pm, $17/$20
Rock Groove: ElmThree Productions, The Saint and Flav RX Present From South Bay, CA, Fortunate Youth CD Release Tour / From Springfield, MO Josh Heinrichs & Skillinjah / Iya Terba / Live Art by Chris Morphis.
The Wind + The Wave
Thursday, May 18
Doors 7:30pm, $12/$15
Rock: From Austin, TX, The Wind + The Wave (On Island Records, New Single Out Now "Grand Canyon") and special guests.