Bumpin Uglies
Thursday, June 29
Doors 7:30pm, $12
Rock Groove: From Maryland, Bumpin Uglies / Psychotic Submarines / Overmind and special guests.
BJ Barham
Friday, June 30
Doors 6:30pm, $15/$17
(Early Show) BJ Barham (of American Aquarium, Solo Show) / From San Benito, TX, Charlie Crockett (A true descendant of Davy Crockett, was born in a poor town in deep South Texas.) / Steve Burks.
Bobby Mahoney And The Seventh Son
Friday, June 30
Doors 10:00pm, $10
(Late Show) Rock: Bobby Mahoney And The Seventh Son (11:45) / From York, PA, The Ok-Ok's (11pm) / Fern (10:15) / Leeds (12:30).
Val Emmich and The Veeries
Saturday, July 1
Doors 7:30pm, $10/$12
Rock: Val Emmich and The Veeries (Val Emmich CD Release & Book Party, new EP entitled "The Reminders" and book release entitled "The Reminders" both will be available at the show. 10:15) / The Roaches of Red Bank (9:15) / Jamie Rose (11:15) / From Nashville, TN, Shady Sister (12:15) / Bounders (8:15).
Three Date Theory
Sunday, July 2
Doors 7:00pm, $5
Low Dough Show Featuring Rock Punk: Three Date Theory (9:30) / From Virginia, Mike Frazier and The Dying Wild (11:30) / Feeny (10:30) / Flammable Animals (8:40) / From South Carolina, Quinn Cicala (Solo, 7:55) / From PA, Naked Spirted (7:15).
Monday, July 3
Doors 7:30pm, $10
Holiday Monday Little Dickman Records & The Saint Presents Rock Indie: From Nashville, TN, Birdcloud / Ex-Girlfriends / Little Vicious and special guests.
Pope Paul & The Illegals
Wednesday, July 5
Doors 7:00pm, $10
Rockabilly/Psychobilly/Swing: From Santa Ana, CA, Pope Paul & The Illegals (All Americana inspiration. Santa Ana Roots Music.).
The Homeless Gospel Choir
Thursday, July 6
Doors 7:30pm, $8
Rock Indie: ManDancing (8:30) / From Pittsburgh, PA, The Homeless Gospel Choir (9:25) / From Brooklyn, NY, Early Riser (On A-F Records, 10:15) / From Philadelphia, Ragged Lines (11pm) / Seamstress (7:45).
The Welts
Friday, July 7
Doors 7:30pm, $10
Rock: The Welts / Meeko Brando and special guests.
Mo Lowda & the Humble
Saturday, July 8
Doors 7:30pm, $10
Rock: From Philadelphia, PA, Mo Lowda & The Humble (Known for their progressive songwriting and energetic live performances.) / From Philly/Asbury Park, Thee Idea Men and special guests.
Monday, July 10
Doors 7:30pm, $5
Low Dough Show: Rock: From Cleveland, OH, Fascinating (10:30) / Wetbrain (9:30) / Grey Goes Black (8:45) / Martin In Coats (8pm).
The Penthouse
Tuesday, July 11
Doors 7:30pm, $5
Low Dough Show Rock: From Boston, MA, The Penthouse (New England "Indie Rock" band from Back Bay fueling music that will make you dance, 9:30) / From Boston, MA, LANDS (The band performs a genre they like to call "Explosive Soul" because of its Jazz influence on Soul music, 8:30) and special guests.
Thursday, July 13
Doors 7:00pm, $8
Hip Hop Groove: #theListening Featuring TrapBang (Dey Bishop and MattyPasq, 10:50) / Black Space Odyssey (10:15) / Solo For Dolo (9:50) / Trife Majors (9:25) / Grungy Boguez (9pm) / KID PRO (8:35)/ vILLain (8:10) / Korey Costa and Nom-Mineral (7:30).
The Kickback
Friday, July 14
Doors 7:30pm, $12
Rock: From Chicago, IL, The Kickback (The Kickback immediately enters the front ranks of contemporary rock 'n' roll with WEDDINGS & FUNERALS, a furious, exhilarating, and deeply emotional collection that somehow captures all of the shared experiences bring us together - joy and sorrow, unity and separation, love and hate, life its own self.) / Kevin Harrison & True North and special guests.
Dan Bern
Sunday, July 16
Doors 6:30pm, $15
Asbury Cafe Presents Summer Acoustic Festival Feat. From Los Angeles, CA, Dan Bern (A talented and eclectic creator, he wrote a song with Hunter S. Thompson, gave Wilt Chamberlain tennis lessons, and released "2 Feet Tall," an album of songs for very young kids.) and special guests.

Asbury Cafe - This Is A Seated No Talking Show During The Performances. Coffee / Hot Cider / Tea Served All Night Long, Oh Yeah, Beer And Spirits Will Be Served All Night Long.

The Elovaters
Monday, July 17
Doors 7:00pm, $10/$13
Reggae: From Boston, MA, The Elovaters (They've been bringing their distinctive beach Reggae sound to fans and music lovers up and down the East Coast.) and special guests.
Amy Black
Wednesday, July 19
Doors 6:30pm, $13/$15
(Early Show) Rock Soul: From Nashville, TN, Amy Black (A Memphis Music Revue: An Evening of Memphis blues, soul & rock 'n roll Release Date: June 2, Bo-Keys' Scott Bomar produces collection of seven powerful originals, plus covers of Otis Clay, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Ruby Johnson) / David Vargo and special guests.

"What Makes a Man" Live Recording Video From New CD, "Memphis":

Chris Rockwell
Thursday, July 20
Doors 7:00pm, $7/$10
Rap Vs. Punk Featuring Chris Rockwell (Full Band) / TV Tramps / MC Tillie / No Comply / New Star / Doug Zambon / Wade Wilson / White Owl.
Friday, July 21
Doors 7:30pm, $10
Rock: Zenergy Entertainment Group Presents Ropetree / Out Of Bounds and special guests.
Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams
Saturday, July 22
Doors 6:30pm, $20/$25
(Early Show) Rock: From Woodstock, NY, Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams (The First Couple Of Americana - Full Band Show).
The Van Pelt
Saturday, July 22
Doors 10:00pm, $13
(Late Show) Rock: From New York, The Van Pelt ("Sultans of Sentiment" and "Stealing From Our Favorite Thieves" remastered reissues out on May 12, 2017, on at 11pm) / Sunshine & The Rain (They use a low-fidelity approach to writing and recording. Meshing together a sound entirely their own Jersey City. 10:15) / DJ Dehydrated Pirate.
Sunday, July 23
Doors 7:00pm, $10
Rock Jam: From New Orleans, LA, Deltaphonic (A New Orleans duo that blends roots rock with hill country blues and New Orleans funk.) / UFOTOFU / Fungkshui and special guests.
Trae Pierce & the T-Stones
Monday, July 24
Doors 7:00pm, $12/$14
Rock Groove: From Daytona Beach, FL, Trae Pierce & the T-Stones (Four-time GRAMMY-award winning bass player. Hard Edged Funk, Rock Dynamics, and Hip Hop beats.) and special guests.
Bad Bad Hats
Tuesday, July 25
Doors 7:30pm, $10
Rock: Minneapolis, MN, Bad Bad Hats (Kerry's strong vocals and lyrical sensibilities tie the songs together as a cohesive unit, making for an album that is both surprising and universal. Debut LP 'Psychic Reader' out now.) and special guests.
Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show
Wednesday, July 26
Doors 7:30pm, $5
Low Dough Show Feat: Rock: From NYC, Dalton Deschain & the Traveling Show ("Fast, loud and gruff circus punk") / Tango Machina / Little Vicious / Tiger Knee and special guests.
Thursday, July 27
Doors 7:30pm, $5
Low Dough Show Featuring Rock: From Charlottesville, VA, Shagwuf / Accidental Seabirds / Lyons / Phoebe Nix / Brian Erickson of Paper Jets.
Modern Crowds
Friday, July 28
Doors 7:30pm, $10
Rock: Modern Crowds (Debut Release Show) / The Mercury Brothers / New Politicians / The Gray.
The Funktion
Saturday, July 29
Doors 7:30pm, $10
Rock Groove: The Funktion (Performing Prince-Michael Jackson Tribute) and special guests. (A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Epilepsy Foundation of New Jersey).
Something Major
Sunday, July 30
Doors 7:00pm, $10
Rock Groove: Khail / From NYC, Something Major / The League.
Monday, July 31
Doors 7:00pm, $15/$20
Rock Groove: From Hawaii, Mishka (Mishka's music is Caribbean at the core, and yet it's an eclectic sound that contains many elements and genres.) and special guests.
Lakehouse Music Academy
Thursday, August 3
Doors 5:30pm, Free!
Lakehouse Music Academy Adults Mid-Semester Gig Takes Over Our Historic Stage. Come check out the future bands of our already rich history of local artists. This is a free show. Come out and support the future bands of Asbury Park.

Lakehouse Music Academy is located at 619 Lake Ave., Asbury Park, 732.455.5462, www.LakehouseMusicAcademy.com.

My Lonely Heart
Sunday, August 6
Doors 6:30pm, $8
Rock: My Lonely Heart (Chris Russo 21st Birthday Bash) and special guests.
Matthew Curry
Wednesday, August 9
Doors 7:30pm, $13/$15
Rock Blues: From Bloomington, IN, Matthew Curry ("He's the next guitar hero!" - Steve Miller) and special guests.
Wicked Hollow
Friday, August 11
Doors 7:30pm, $10
Rock: Wicked Hollow / Deaf Rhino and special guests.
Stick Men
Sunday, August 13
Doors 7:30pm, $25/$30
Prog Rock Legends: From Woodstock, NY, Stick Men Featuring King Crimson Members Tony Levin, Pat Mastellotto and Markus Reuter and special guests.
Wednesday, August 16
Doors 7:00pm, $10
Rock Groove: From Syracuse, NY, Vaporeyes and special guests.
Big Hoax
Thursday, August 17
Doors 7:30pm, $10/$13
Rock: From Baltimore, MD, Big Hoax (Big Hoax is a five-piece band from Baltimore, MD recognized for its Americana-influenced indie rock, and strong live performances.) and special guests.
Wednesday, August 23
Doors 7:30pm, $5
Low Dough Show Rock Indie: From Brooklyn, NY, QWAM (Mas Modelos and loud music.) / Spowde and special guests.
Billy Strings
Tuesday, August 29
Doors 7:00pm, $13/$15
Rock Acoustic: From Nashville, TN, Billy Strings (Billy Strings phenomenon is best experienced live and in person.) / Dark City Strings and special guests.
Upstate Rubdown
Thursday, August 31
Doors 7:00pm, $12
Rock Folk Acoustic: Upstate Rubdown (Like fresh-farmed vegetables, their music is as organic as it isn't good for you.) and special guests.
Rachel Lynn
Wednesday, September 6
Doors 6:45pm, $10
Asbury Cafe Presents Summer Acoustic Festival Feat. From NYC, Rachel Lynn and special guests.

Asbury Cafe - This Is A Seated No Talking Show During The Performances. Coffee / Hot Cider / Tea Served All Night Long, Oh Yeah, Beer And Spirits Will Be Served All Night Long.

Andrew Duhon
Tuesday, September 12
Doors 7:00pm, $10
Rock Acoustic: From New Orleans, LA, Andrew Duhon (A teller of stories with an undeniable voice, weighted and soulful.) and special guests.
Thursday, September 21
Doors 7:30pm, $15
Folk Rock: From Cymru, Wales England, Calan (Stunning use of instrumentation, gorgeously crafted songs, sprightly foot-tappers, verve and raw excitement.) and special guests.
Ian Abramson
Tuesday, September 26
Doors 7:30pm, $13
Comedy: From LA, Ian Abramson (LA Weekly's Best Up-and-Coming Comedian. Ian made his national late night television debut on Conan.) and special guests.
The Daniel Green Show
Sunday, October 15
Doors 6:30pm, $10
Rock: From Tel Aviv, Israel, The Daniel Green Show (Green uses a lot his Fuzz box and overderive pedal to light up his collection of Fender Stratocasters.) and special guests.