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Winners are listed above nominees in larger bold font.
Top Pop Band
Status Green
Anthony Fiumano & The Medicine Chest
Readymade Breakup
Status Green
A Love Like Pi
Miss TK And The Revenge
Like Trains and Taxis
The Fave
The Mill Stone
Top Rock Band
Last Perfect Thing
The Milwaukees
Smoking Aces
One False Move
Tunnels to Holland
The Afterbangs
One Stormy Minute
XOL Azol Band
Black Clouds
Top Indie Rock Band
The Obvious
Screaming Females
Scott Liss & The Sixty Six
Last Days Of Empire
Grand Alto
Terminal Reynaldo
Bubble Gum
Full Of Fancy
The Vanities
Top Live Performance
Status Green
Turtle Soup
Maybe Pete
Screaming Females
Green Tag Sale
Last Perfect Thing
Chris Batten & The Woods
Axel Foley
The Milwaukees
Top Heavy Rock Band
Sekond Skyn
Divinity Destroyed
A Day Of Pigs
Last Days Of Empire
Through the Grey
End Of An Era
The Man With The Dynamite
Top Young Band (under 21)
Outside The Box
Ministry Of Pain
Mystical Fudge
Bleed The Arsonist
Lost In Society
Lemon Juice
Irie Sound
Top Punk / Ska Band
Sex Zombies
Lost In Society
Trip South
Lousy Break
The Wretched Ones
The Bandits
Awful Waffle
Explosive Sheep
Before The After Party
Top Jam Band
Green Tag Sale
Turtle Soup
Lemon Juice
Karmic Juggernaut
Amber Blues
Soup Sandwich
Kathouse Rhythm
Top Americana
Arlan Feiles & The Lone Howdys
Victory Gin
Eryn Shewell Band
Joe Harvard Band
Divine Sign
The Basement Musicians
Michael Patrick & The Suburban
Top Groove Band
Turtle Soup
Big Baby Ernie
Jazz Pollution
Xol Azul Band
Axel Foley
B Side Alliance
Flight School
The Soul Project
Top Avante-Guarde Act
Colie Brice & New Age
Blues Experience
A Diary Of Need
The Do Dads
Calamity Menagerie
Sex Zombies
Lunar Ensemble
Top Blues Band
Outside The Box
Chuck Lambert Band
Jo Wymer & The Itty Bitty Band
Eryn Shewell Band
The Afterbangs
Jim Hayes & The Buddha Brains
Top Jersey Roots Band
Maybe Pete
Bob Polding Band
Cool Days End
Vini Lopez & Steel Mill
Chris Batten & The Woods
Green Underground
Poet Laureate
Jessi Smith
Greg G. Brown
Tony Panzica
Dan Weeks
Mark Baird
Patrick "Professor" Vile
Chad Anderson
Donald Arrington
Nicole Homer
La B
Top Music Website To
Support Live Original Music
Jersey Jamcast (usdin.net/jjcblog)
Top Male Acoustic Act
Keith Kenny
Tony Tedesco
Keith McCarthy
Bob Denson
George Wirth
Anthony Fiumano
Quincy Mumford
Domenick Carino
Sam Sims
Tommy Strazza
Top Female Acoustic Act
Divine Sign
Amanda Duncan
Joanna Burns
Aster Pheonyx
Kelly Carvin
Mash McClain
Beth Arentsen
Sheli Aarden
Top Male Vocalist
Lou Montesano (Status Green)
Paul Rosevear (Readymade Breakup)
Michael Depko (Last Days of Empire)
Dylan St. Clark (The Milwaukees)
Frankie McGrath (Maybe Pete)
Chris Harris (Like Trains & Taxis)
Jeff Cafone (Outside Of The Box)
Chris Batten (Chris Batten & The Woods)
Alex Brumel (The Mill Stone)
Anthony Fiumano (Anthony Fiumano &
The Medicine Chest)
Top Female Vocalist
Kerry McNulty (Divine Sign)
Joanna Burns
Janel Elizabeth (The Mill Stone)
Eryn Shewell (Eryn Shewell Band)
Miss TK (Miss TK And The Revenge)
Jo Wymer (Jo Wymer & The Itty Bitty Band)
Erin Hays (Full Of Fancy)
Angie Sugrim (The Obvious)
Jerzy Jung (Jerzy Jung)
Top Guitarist
Jeremy Korpas
(Green Tag Sale)
Keith Kenny
Dan Ridenour (Chemtrail)
Kelly McGrath (Maybe Pete)
Jeff "Mudd" Mahajan (Turtle Soup)
Marrissa (Screaming Females)
Pat Ruh (Eryn Shewell Band)
Joe Harvard (Joe Harvard Band)
James McCaffrey (Karmic Juggernaut)
Doug Mikula (The Domino Effect/Woodfish)
Top Bassist
Jay Walker (Colie Brice & The New Age Blues Experience)
Billy Vegas (Green Tag Sale)
Russell Tolas (Status Green)
Gianni Scalise (Scott Liss & The Sixty Six)
J.Maggio (Chemtrail)
Mike McDermott (Turtle Soup)
Alex Blitz (Atmosferics)
Matt Chicole (Grand Alto)
Chris Shann (Delft)
Paul Gaita (Juggling Suns)
Top Drummer
Andrew Lenaghan (Green Tag Sale / Juggling Suns)
Chris Donofrio (Last Perfect Thing)
James Griffith (Scott Liss and the Sixty-Six)
Mike Montalto (Status Green)
Chris Lukens (Chemtrail)
Johnny Macko (Maybe Pete)
Billy Burke (Grand Alto)
Fran Azzarto (The Fave)
Top Keyboard Player
Arlan Feiles (Arlan Feiles & The Lone Howdys)
Ben Feld (Turtle Soup)
Hodge (A Love Like Pi)
Chris Harris (Like Trains and Taxis)
Jerzy Jung (Jerzy Jung)
Mark Masefield (Outside The Box)
Jim Panels (Green Tag Sale)
Joanne Burns (Joanne Burns)
Beth Arentsen (Beth Arentsen)
Jason Bruner (Last Days Of Empire)
Song Of The Year
"Firebomb" (Status Green)
"Begin" (Tunnels To Holland)
"Lucky Numbers" (Anthony Fiumano)
"Sudden Fiction" (The Brixton Riot)
"Sunday Morning" (Arlan Feiles)
"Cry Like I Do" (Divine Sign)
"Let Me Down" (Quincy Mumford)
"A Little Bit More" (The Mill Stone)
"Perfect" (One Stormy Minute)
"Another Cigarette" (Maybe Pete)
Top Journalist In Support
Of Live Music
John Pfeiffer
(Aquarian Weekly/ECR)
Dom Gregoria (The Rag)
Stephen Bove (Asbury Park Press)
Chris Jordan (Home News Tribune)
Jay Lustig (Star Ledger)
Ed Condran (Asbury Park Press)
Jim Testa (Jersey Beat)
Richard Skelly (U.S. 1/Asbury Park Press)
Mary O’Connor (The Rag)
Gary Wien (AsburyMusic.com)
Top News Publication In Support Of Live Music
Aquarian Weekly/ECR
The Rag
Asbury Park Press
The Pulse
Jersey Beat
The Islander
Tri-City News
Top Local Release
"Come Sunday Morning"
(Arlan Feiles)
"Alive On The Vine" (Readymade Breakup)
"Wishin Well" (The Black Clouds)
"Quincy Mumford" (Quincy Mumford)
"Window Pane" (Eryn Shewell)
"Straight To Red" (Maybe Pete)
"Limit Is The Sky" (Keith Kenny)
"Definitely Overdue" (Divine Sign)
"A Perfect Reality" (Mike Montrey)
"When Strangers Say Hello"
(Anthony Fiumano)
Top Radio Personality To Support Live Music
Jeff Raspe (90.5 The Night)
Steve Hook (95.9 The Rat)
Erin Vogt (GRock Radio 106.3/106.5)
Lazlo (blowupradio.com)
Rich Robinson (90.5 The Night)
Keith Roth (95.9 The Rat)
Jared Midgen (88.7 WRSU-FM)
Jersey Todd (JerseyToddShow.com)
Gary Wien (ThePenguinRocks.com)
Top Radio Station To
Support Live Music
90.5 "The Night"
(Brookdale Public Radio)
105.7 "The Hawk"
GRock Radio 106.3/106.5 FM
WRAT 95.9 "The Rat"
88.7 WRSU (Rutgers University)
"The X" 88.9 "Modern Rock With An
Edge" (Monmouth University)
Best Thing To Happen in 2007/2008
"A Night In Progress Series"
Hosted By Rick Barry
• Live Nation Comes to Asbury Park, NJ
• Parlor Mob becomes a National Tours Act
• Asbury Park Boardwalk Rocked the Shore Line this Summer
• Guinness Oyster Festival Huge Success
• Val Emmich gets nationwide spotlight on "30 Rock" and "Ugly Betty"
• Tim McLoone’s Supper Club Opens on the Asbury Park Boardwalk
• Grand Arcade Opens in Convention Hall
• The Gay Blades are signed to Triple Crown Records
• Jody Joseph performed with 45 of her students and raised over $12,000 For Pediatric Cancer Research at Stone Pony 12/16/07
Living Legend 2008
Kyle Brendle
James M. MacDonald Musician’s Lifetime Achievement Award
Billy McKelvey