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Winners are listed above nominees in larger bold font.
Top Pop Band
Status Green
A Love Like Pi
Like Trains and Taxis
Jillian Rhys
Alex Brumel & Janel Elizabeth
The Fave
Jerzy Jung
The Riverwinds
Under New Ownership
Top Rock Band
The Amboys
Tunnels to Holland
The Afterbangs
The Black Clouds
The Loose Roosters
Geena & Dragster
That’s How They Get Ya!
Calm & Repose
Top Indie Rock Band
No Wine For Kittens
Scott Liss & The Sixty Six
Last Days Of Empire
Grand Alto
Terminal Reynaldo
The Obvious
Tara Elliott & The Red Velvets
River City Extension
Top Live Performance
Status Green
Turtle Soup
Maybe Pete
Outside The Box
Amanda Duncan
Alex Brumel & Janel Elizabeth
End Of An Era
River City Extension
Last Days Of Empire
The Obvious
Top Heavy Rock Band
Sekond Skyn
Divinity Destroyed
Last Days Of Empire
End Of An Era
One False Move
Beyond Visible
The Ghost In Black & White
The Red Desert
Top Young Band (under 21)
Lemon Juice
Solfege Radio
The Silence
Lost In Society
Just Enough
Subject To Setback
The Irie Sound
Top Punk / Ska Band
The Sex Zombies
Lost In Society
Awful Waffle
Explosive Sheep
The Waffle Stompers
The Tea & Whiskey
Hrny Worms
Ziggy Shock
The F Bombers
Top Jam Band
Turtle Soup
Lemon Juice
Karmic Juggernaut
Buzz Universe
The Domino Effect
100% Cotton
Project 222
Newton Crosby
Mike Montrey Band
Top Americana
Joe Harvard Band
Michael Patrick & The Suburban Hillbillies
Victory Gin
Arlan Feiles & The Lone Howdys
Anthony Fiumano & The Medicine Chest
Eryn Shewell Band
The Sunday Blues
Rob Dye Band
River City Extension
Top Groove Band
Turtle Soup
Echo Movement
Jazz Pollution
Xol Azul Band
Axel Foley
B-Syde Alliance
Flight’s Kool
Under New Ownership
Underground Logic
Top Avante-Guarde Act
A Diary Of Need
The Magnificent Disaster
Calamity Menagerie
The Sex Zombies
Colie Brice and The New Age Blues Experience
Mike Black
Joe Harvard’s Long Weekend
Top Blues Band
Outside The Box
Jo Wymer & The Itty Bitty Band
Eryn Shewell Band
The Afterbangs
Jim Hayes & The Buddha Brains
Poppa John Bug
Juke Joint Johnny
Nine Below Zero
Gary Cavico
Top News Publication In Support Of Live Music
Aquarian Weekly/East Coast Rocker
Asbury Park Press
The Pulse
Jersey Beat
The Islander
Tri-City News
Red Bank Orbit
The Coaster
Poet Laureate
Greg G. Brown
Tony Panzica
Mark Baird
Chad Anderson
Donald Arrington
Nicole Homer
John "Lunar" Richey
La B
Katharine Polenberg
John Joseph Petrolino III
Top Music Website To
Support Live Original Music
Top Male Acoustic Act
Quincy Mumford
Keith Kenny
Tony Tedesco
George Wirth
Domenick Carino
Sam Sims
Dave Pittenger
Joshua Van Ness
Arlan Feiles
Doug Mikula
Top Female Acoustic Act
Amanda Duncan
Joanna Burns
Laura Warshauer
Sarah Donner
Mash McClain
Emily Grove
Sheli Aarden
Cara Salimando
Kacie Baker
Top Male Vocalist
Lou Montesano
Status Green
Anthony Fiumano - Anthony Fiumano & The Medicine Chest
Michael Depko - Last Days of Empire
Frankie McGrath - Maybe Pete
Chris Harris - Like Trains & Taxis
Jeff Cafone - Outside The Box
Alex Brumel
Scott Liss - Scott Liss & The 66
Anthony D’Amato
James Peacock - That’s How They Get Ya
Top Female Vocalist
Eryn Shewell
Eryn Shewell Band
Janel Elizabeth
Joanna Burns
Jo Wymer - Jo Wymer & The Itty Bitty Band
Angie Sugrim - The Obvious
Jerzy Jung
Cara Salimando
Laura Warshauer
Jillian Rhys
Tara Elliott - Tara Elliott & The Red Velvets
Top Guitarist
Keith McCarthy
The Sunday Blues
Dan Ridenour - Chemtrail
Tommy Strazza - Anthony Fiumano & The Medicine Chest
Jeff “Mudd” Mahajan - Turtle Soup
Keith Kenny
Pat Rue - Eryn Shewell Band
Joe Harvard - Joe Harvard Band
James McCaffrey - Karmic Juggernaut
Doug Mikula - The Domino Effect
Ron Haney - The New Rick Barry’s / Jillian Rhys
Top Bassist
Russell Tolas
Status Green
Gianni Scalise - Scott Liss & The Sixty Six
Jay Walker - Colie Brice and The New Age Blues Experience
J.Maggio - Chemtrail
Mike McDermott - Turtle Soup
Alex Blitz - Atmosferics
Matt Cicalese - Grand Alto
Justin Bornemann - The New Rick Barry’s
Owen Susman - Like Trains & Taxis
Brett Bamberger - Biclops
Top Drummer
Mike Montalto
Status Green
Chris Lukens - Chemtrail
Johnny Macko - Maybe Pete
Bill Bourke - Grand Alto
Slugger Francis Valentino - Outside The Box
Brett Smith - That’s How They Get Ya!
Mike Del Priore - Like Trains & Taxis
Connor Effenberger - The Amboys
Andy Bova - The New Rick Barry’s
Tommy Spano - Sekond Skyn
Top Keyboard Player
Mark Masefield
Outside The Box
Arlan Feiles
Ben Feld - Turtle Soup
Chris Harris - Like Trains and Taxis
Jerzy Jung
Joanna Burns
Kurt Thum - Doug Mikula Band/ That’s How They Get Ya!
Steven Blair - End Of An Era
Cara Salimando
Bart Schoudel - The New Rick Barry’s
Song Of The Year
“Can’t Break Free”
Quincy Mumford
“Guitars Got Louder” - Maybe Pete
“The Line” - Alex Brumel
“Clever & Quickness” - River City Extension
“January” - Joanna Burns
“Great Wide Blue” - George Wirth
“Walk With Me” - Jim Hayes & The Buddha Brains
“Running Late” - Don Lee
“Get Together” - Joshua Van Ness
“Heroin Within” - Sekond Skyn
Top Journalist In Support
Of Live Music
John Pfeiffer - Aquarian Weekly/East Coast Rocker

Stephen Bove - Asbury Park Press
Chris Jordan - Home News Tribune
Jay Lustig - Star Ledger
Alex Biese - Asbury Park Press
Jason Thomson - Tri-City News
Richard Skelly - U.S. 1/Asbury Park Press
Tom Chesek - Red Bank Orbit
Mike Black - Freelance Photographer
Dave Christopher - The Coaster, Photographer

Top Local Release
Quincy Mumford
“South Edgemere”
Hrny Worms
River City Extension - “Nautical Sabbatical”
Sekond Skyn - “Addicted To Chaos”
Maybe Pete - “Pancakes & Martinis”
Anthony D’Amato - “Shades Of The Prison House”
Alex Brumel - “To Bring You Home”
Deena - “Somewhere In Blue”
Laura Warshauer - "Laura Warshauer"
Don Lee - “Signs & Other Symbols"
Beyond Asbury Top Record Release
Rick Barry
This Antediluvian World
The Gay Blades - Ghosts
Frankenstein 3000 - Where Do We Go From Here
Bruce Springsteen - Working on A Dream
Southside Johnny - Grapefruit Moon: The Songs of Tom Waits
Jobonanno & The Godsons of Soul - Can't Stop Now
Steel Mill - All Man The Guns For America
Nicole Atkins - Digs Other People Songs
Billy Hector - Traveler
Jon Caspi - Eddie Knows!
Top Radio Personality To Support Live Music
Rich Robinson
90.5 The Night
Steve Hook - 95.9 The Rat
Lazlo - Blowupradio.com / ThePenguinRocks.com
Keith Roth - 95.9 The Rat
Jared Midgen - 88.7 WRSU-FM
Gary Wien - ThePenguinRocks.com
Jim Testa - ThePenguinRocks.com / Blowupradio
Mike Merrell - Hawk 2.0 105.7
Billy O’Brien - Hawk 2.0. 105.7
Pete Lepore - The Punkyard 105.7
Top Radio Station To
Support Live Music
90.5 “The Night”
(Brookdale Public Radio)
WRAT 95.9 “The Rat”
“The X” 88.9 “Modern Rock With An Edge” (Monmouth University)
88.7 WRSU (Rutgers University)
Shore Alternative.Com
105.7 The Hawk
Multi Instrumentalist /
Other Instruments
Ken Sorensen
Stringbean & The Stalkers
Antonio Gambrell - Eryn Shewell Band
Tanya Peterson - Eryn Shewell Band
Mark Nettlingham - Turtle Soup
Dave Roman - Jim Hayes & The Buddha Brains
Hayden Wright - Mike Montrey Band
Matt Lott - Colie Brice and The New Age Blues Experience
Nick Cucci - River City Extension
John Hopper - Jazz Pollution
Steven ”Squigs” Minutillo - The Jack/Newton Crosby
Living Legend 2009
Jody Joseph
James M. MacDonald
"Behind The Scenes"
Lifetime Achievement Award
Larry Blasko
Best Thing To Happen In 2008/2009
Asbury Rock Stars Charity raised over $10,000
for Local Charities in Neptune, NJ
• The Stone Pony Gets a New Roof and Major Improvements
• The Stone Pony Outdoor Stage Gets New Look & Space From Live Nation and Huge Crowds
• Status Green performed at PNC Bank Arts Center and Jones Beach
• April Smith played Lollapalooza in Chicago
• Cara Salimando signs to Universal Records
• Jeff Raspe/Keith Roth produces Winter Hours 25th Anniversary Tribute CD on Main Man Records
• Hey Cole Presents/Near Records Showcase at SXSW (Austin, TX)