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Congratulations and thank you to everyone for making the 2010 Asbury Music Awards a HUGE success and a VERY special evening of music and celebration. The AMAs, originally known as The Golden T-Bird Awards, premiered in Asbury Park in 1993. An annual music scene staple, the first Asbury Music Awards was held at the former T-Birds Cafe on Main Street in Asbury Park, NJ. Scott Stamper, owner of THE SAINT in Asbury Park & the Wave Gathering Music Festival founder, along with Peter Mantas, Langosta Lounge's entertainment director, founded, & originally designed the Asbury Music Awards in 1993 as a response to the area's hardworking musicians, singers and songwriters, and the longstanding, ever-evolving Live Original Music scene in and around Asbury Park, NJ.

Inspired by a strong desire to give something back to the musicians and music community who make up the Jersey Shore's incredibly diverse music culture, Stamper and Mantas began presenting the awards to the many talented musicians, singers and songwriters who had presented live original music and paid their dues in the various music rooms in the area. The 1993-1994 Asbury Music Awards took place at T-Birds Cafe. Scott Stamper and Adam Weisberg opened the legendary music venue, The Saint, in 1994, and moved the show due to rapid growth. At this time, the show was renamed the Asbury Music Awards (in 1995). For two years, The Saint hosted the gala celebration for local artists, singers and songwriters, but the show quickly outgrew the venue. To accommodate the burgeoning crowds, the Asbury Music Awards moved to The Fastlane in 1997, The Stone Pony in 1998, and The Tradewinds in Sea Bright in 1999. This Tradewinds was a banner show, drawing over 800 attendees. The Stone Pony hosted the Asbury Music Awards in 2000 and 2001, The Tradewinds in 2002 and, since 2003, The Stone Pony has been the host of the Asbury Music Awards.

In addition to the recognition the Asbury Music Awards provides to local musicians, singers and songwriters, the shows have also proven a great opportunity for music fans, promoters, artists, media, local venues and the music community on a whole to experience the incredibly diverse talent in a wide variety of musical genres in one very special and intimate evening of music and celebration. So much goes on behind the scenes in planning and preparation for the Asbury Music Awards. The nominees and performers are selected by a panel of industry veterans which include promoters, sound technicians, radio personalities, music writers and club owners. Artists that have graduated to a major label or those who have won or been nominated for a particular category for five consecutive years at the Asbury Music Awards are eligible for “Record of The Year” and “Best Thing To Happen in Asbury Park,” and may appear onstage presenting or performing during the ceremonies, however, they have graduated from being nominated from most if not all other categories, making room for up-and-coming artists, musicians, singers and songwriters. After the carefully chosen Asbury Music Awards panel convenes and chooses all performers and nominees, the names of the nominees for each category are compiled in ballot format and distributed to a select group of music industry insiders, devoted music fans and local music scenesters.

The voting process is not open to the general public, but much effort is put into selecting voters. This method has proven most equitable, as it precludes "ballot stuffing" than can skew results in certain categories. Area clubs, music-related businesses, record stores, radio stations, newspapers and time tested music enthusiasts are ALL represented in the final voting. Ballots are painstakingly counted, votes are tallied, and the winners are revealed for the first time at the Asbury Music Awards ceremony. A variety of local music alumni, past award recipients, sponsors, and industry professionals are invited by the panel to present awards each year. The Asbury Music Awards have been going strong and growing rapidly for more than 17 years, celebrating our local musicians, singers / songwriters and music community in support of live original music and local musicians.

The people behind the Asbury Music Awards believe that live music is what makes Asbury Park, NJ so special. The Asbury Music Awards works diligently to recognize and support local musicians and the music community in Asbury Park, the Live Music Capital of New Jersey, and beyond. We look forward to seeing everyone at the 19th Annual Asbury Music Awards in 2011. Thank you for your outpouring of support. Only through your support do the AMA's succeed in promoting, preserving and celebrating live music & musicians in Asbury Park, NJ. We hope to see everybody next year at the 19th Annual Asbury Music Awards in 2011!

Winners are listed above nominees in larger bold font.
Top Male Acoustic Act
George Wirth
Keith Kenny
Tony Tedesco
Gerald Edward
Doug Mikula
Mike Cicalese
Joe Miller
Taylor Allen
Carl Chesna
Mike Cuntala
Top Female Acoustic Act
Amanda Duncan
Amanda Duncan
Joanna Burns
Kelly Carvin
Laura Warshauer
Emily Grove
Sheli Aarden
Cara Salimando
Anjelia & The Boy
Cat Cosentino
Laura Monzo
Top Male Vocalist
Anthony D'Amato - The Emancipation Proclamation
Anthony Walker - Anthony Walker &
The Medicine Chest
Michael Depko - Last Days of Empire
Lou Montesano - Status Green
Chris Harris - Like Trains & Taxis
Jeff Cafone - Outside The Box
Alex Brumel - Alex & Janel
Scott Liss - Scott Liss & The Sixty-Six
Captain James Peacock -
Captain James & The Pain
Joe Michelini - River City Extension
Top Female Vocalist
Jerzy Jung
Janel Elizabeth (Alex & Janel)
Eryn Shewell (Eryn Shewell Band)
Joanna Burns
Jo Wymer (Jo Wymer
& The Itty Bitty Band)
Angie Sugrim (The Obvious)
Cara Salimando
Laura Warshauer
Tara Elliott (Tara Elliott
& The Red Velvets)
Kim Pulsive (The F Bombers)
Top Guitarist
Doug Mikula
The Domino Effect
Dan Ridenour (Chemtrail)
Tommy Strazza (Anthony Walker
& The Medicine Chest)
Jeff "Mudd" Mahajan (Turtle Soup)
Keith Kenny (Keith Kenny)
Pat Rue (Eryn Shewell Band)
Joe Harvard (Joe Harvard Band)
James McCaffrey (Karmic Juggernaut)
Keith McCarthy (The Sunday Blues)
Colie Brice (Colie Brice
& The New Age Blues Experience)
Top Bassist
Nick "Turtle" Paolise
Dub Proof
Russell Tolas (Status Green)
Gianni Scalise (Scott Liss & The Sixty-Six)
Brian Gearty (Quincy Mumford
& The Reason Why)
J.Maggio (Chemtrail)
Mike McDermott (Turtle Soup)
Justin Bornemann
(No Wine For Kittens)
Owen Susman (Like Trains & Taxis)
Brett Bamberger (Biclops)
Brandon Asraf (Brick & Mortar)
Top Drummer
Brett Smith
Capt. James & The Pain
Mike Montalto (Status Green
Chris Lukens (Chemtrail)
Francis Valentino (Outside The Box)
Mike Del Priore (Like Trains & Taxis)
Connor Effenberger (The Amboys)
Tommy Spano (Sekond Skyn)
Wills Weller (Toothgrinder)
John Tacon (Brick & Mortar)
Hector Bonora (Lost In Society)
Top Keyboard Player
Mark Masefield
Outside The Box
Ben Feld - Turtle Soup
Chris Harris - Like Trains and Taxis
Jerzy Jung - Jerzy Jung
Joanna Burns - Joanna Burns
Kurt Thum - The Domino Effect
Cara Salimando - Cara Salimando
Mike Black - Mike Black
Karlee Bloomfield - Quincy Mumford
& The Reason Why
Paul Kates - Dub Proof
Song of The Year
"Emily Part 1"
No Wine For Kittens
"Dust" Cara Salimando
"Suddenly Saturday" Outside The Box
"Don't You See" Eryn Shewell
"Not My Day" Lost In Society
"Raise The Roof" Raise The Roof/Inspired
(For Mary's Place By The Sea)
"Hard To Get By" Matt Wade
"Skeleton Key" Anthony D'Amato (Princeton)
"I Should Begin" Scott Liss & The Sixty-Six
"Too Far (On A Broken Heart)" The Amboys
Top Journalist
John Pfeiffer
Aquarian Weekly/ECR
Stephen Bove (Metromix.com/Jersey Shore)
Chris Jordan (Home News Tribune)
Tris McCall (Star Ledger)
Alex Biese (Metromix.com/Jersey Shore)
Jim Testa (Jersey Beat/The Star Ledger)
Richard Skelly (U.S. 1/Asbury Park Press)
Gary Wien (NewJerseyStage.com)
Danny Wreck (Danny Says!)
Jason Thomson (triCityNews)
Mike Black (The Aquarian/Freelance Photographer)
Dave Christopher (The Coaster/Photographer)

Top News Publication

Aquarian Weekly/East Coast Rocker
Asbury Park Press
The Home News
Jersey Beat
The Islander
The Coaster
Currents Magazine
Top Local Release
Status Green
"Cheap Sunglasses"

Eryn Shewell "4th & Broadway"
The Amboys"Everything Between
The Moon And The Sun"
Scott Liss And The Sixty-Six "The
Blackpool Letters"
George Wirth "The Last Good Kiss"
Laura Monzo "Manic"
Jerzy Jung "Hello Desire"
Tommy Strazza "The Model Citizen LP"
Lost In Society "Eastern Empire"
Anthony D'Amato (Princeton) "Down Wires"

Top Radio Personality
Billy O'Brien
Hawk 2.0 105.7
Steve Hook (95.9 The Rat)
Lazlo (blowupradio.com
Robyn Lane (95.9 The Rat)
Keith Roth (95.9 The Rat)
Jared Midgen (88.7 WRSU-FM)
Gary Wien (thepenguinrocks.com)
Michele McBride (90.5 The Night)
Mike Merrell (Hawk 2.0 105.7)
Pete Lepore (The Punkyard 105.7)
Top Radio Station
90.5 The Night
Brookdale Public Radio

WRAT 95.9 The Rat
The X 88.9 Modern Rock with
an Edge Monmouth University
88.7 WRSU Rutgers University
105. 7 The Hawk

Top Pop Band
Status Green
Like Trains and Taxis
Alex & Janel
Jerzy Jung
The Riverwinds
Under New Ownership
Against The Tide
Matt Wade
Anthony Walker & The Medicine Chest
Brian Bisbee Band
Top Indie Rock Band
No Wine For Kittens
Scott Liss & The Sixty-Six
Verity In Stereo
Mad Feather Group
Brick And Mortar
Walking With Caveman
The Obvious
Gimme Drugs
Static Radio
Montagna & The Mouth To Mouth
Top Rock Band
Outside The Box
The Amboys
The Red Desert
The Black Clouds
Geena & Dragster
Black Vinyl Radio
Almost There
Only Living Boy
The Black Jesuses
Scarlet Carson
Top Heavy Rock Band
End Of An Era
Sekond Skyn
Last Days Of Empire
Dethroning The Tyrant
Filter Effect
Ghost In Black And White
Panic Switch
New Theory
Top Young Band (under 21)
Quincy Mumford &
The Reason Why
Fish Tank Mafia
Lemon Juice
The Ocean Heirs
To Kill A Coward
Burn The Movement
These Sightless Eyes
Top Live Performance
Status Green
Turtle Soup
Outside The Box
End Of An Era
River City Extension
The Obvious
Brick & Mortar
Only Living Boy
Gimme Drugs
Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why
Top Jam Band
Karmic Juggernaut
Turtle Soup
Lemon Juice
Mike Montrey Band
Wakah Chan
Midnight Sun
Devil's Holiday
Loose Fit
Sunny Daze

Top Avante Garde Act

Joe Harvard's Long Weekend
The Magnificent Disaster
Calamity Menagerie
Park Ape
The Sex Zombies
Colie Brice & The New Age
Blues Experience
Lunar Ensemble
Out Like Lambs
Top Americana
River City Extension
Michael Patrick & The Suburban Hillbillies
The Barnstormers
Arlan Feiles & The Lone Howdys
Anthony Walker & The Medicine Chest
Joe Harvard Band
The Sunday Blues
Rob Dye Band
Anthony D'Amato (Princeton)
Bob Polding Band
Top Groove Band
Dub Proof
Turtle Soup
Echo Movement
Xol Azul Band
Universal Tribe
Flight's Kool
Underground Logic
The Jack Moves
The Solid Few
Top Blues Band
Jo Wymer &
The Itty Bitty Band
Eryn Shewell Band
The Afterbangs
Jim Hayes & The Buddha Brains
Poppa John Bug
Juke Joint Johnny
Nine Below Zero
Gary Cavico
The Usual Suspects
Top Punk/Ska Band
The Sex Zombies
Lost In Society
The Waffle Stompers
Hrny Worms
The F Bombers
TV Tramps
Black Wine
The Great Explainer
Tara Elliott & The Red Velvets
Poet Laureate
Chris Rockwell
Tony Panzica
Mark Baird
Chad Anderson
Nicole Homer
Donald Arrington
John "Lunar" Richey
Katharine Polenberg
Josh Ballard
Alex Savastano
Top Club DJ
DJ Jim Curran
DJ Prestige
DJ Atom Worth
DJ Rob None
Negril Sound System
DJ Lenny Lounge
DJ Jack Reina
DJ Sly Foxx
DJ Petey Green
DJ Riff Raff
DJ Dehydrated Pirate
Beyond Asbury: Top Record Release/EP/Single Release
The Bouncing Souls
"Ghosts On The Boardwalk"
Keith Monacchio - "The Long Evening"
Frankenstein 3000 - "They'll Be Waking Up Soon"
Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes -
"Pills & Ammo"
The Blackberry Blues Band - "The Blackberry Blues Band"
April Smith & The Great Picture Show - "Songs For A Sinking Ship"
Allie Moss - "Passerby"
Predator Dub Assassins - "Full Qualified"
The Gaslight Anthem - "American Slang"
Charlotte Sometimes - "Sideways" (EP)
Last Perfect Thing - "Fifty Meds" (Single)
Top Music Website To
Support Live Music
Top Multi-Instrumentalist/
Other Instruments
Joe Harvard
Joe Harvard Band
Ken Sorensen (Stringbean & The Stalkers)
Tanya Peterson (Eryn Shewell Band)
Mark Nettlingham (Turtle Soup)
Hayden Wright (Mike Montrey Band)
Matt Lott (Colie Brice
& The New Age Blues Experience)
Mike Noordzy (Mothguts)
Nick Cucci (River City Extension)
John Hopper (Fatback)
Steven "Squigs" Minutillo
(The Jack/ Newton Crosby)
James MacDonald's "Behind The Scenes" Lifetime Achievement 2010
"JT" James Thom
Living Legend 2010
Tim McLoone
Russo Music Asbury Park opens up on Cookman Ave. In The Basement of Holdfast

* Second Life Bikes Finds A New Home And Helps Move More Locals To Go Green To Local Shows
* Paramount Sessions Spotlights Local Music Community At Paramount Theatre And On The Boardwalk
* Jersey Shore Roller Girls: Roller Derby Rocking Convention Hall With Live Music
* River City Extension Goes On National Tour
* Furthur Comes to Convention Hall Feat. Members of The Grateful Dead For Two Shows In December 09
* Support Live Music In Asbury Park - A Facebook Site All About Live Music, Shows and News
* Chico;'s House Of Jazz Opens On Lake Ave. Asbury Park
* Revision Theater Brings "Tommy" To The Carousel House On The Boardwalk
* The City Government of Asbury Park Created A New Slogan For Our City and Live Music Scene "Asbury Park, Where Music Lives"
* April Smith's songs licensed to Weeds (Showtime), Californication (Showtime), Colgate commercial and the NFL