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NOTE: Many local and national acts have played at The Saint numerous times over the course of several years. In most cases, a name is listed under the heading of the year in which the band or artist first played The Saint. However, in some instances, a name may appear more than once for no particular reason. Sorry for any duplications. Also, while some effort was put into spelling names correctly this may not have been enough. If you notice a spelling error, please email the correction to [email protected]. Thanks! Scott.

National Bands

Fly Spinach Fly
G. Love & Special Sauce

Local Bands

The Mothersound
R.W. Kingbird
Jamie Raymond Band
Motel Shootout
Karen Mansfield
Mad Hatter Spoken Word Bash
Psychedelic Kitchen
Jeezus Christler
Hey Zeus
You Were Spiraling
The Other Way
Real Thing
Saint Maybe
Bruce Tunkel and the Head Diggers
Past Pluto
78 West
Liz Brody
Sea of Otters
Suicidal Lesbian Lovecrush
Planet Spam
The Remnants
The Urchins
The Cucumbers
Mercy River
Midnight Ravers
The Acoustic Terrorists
Eric Hemion
The Unspoken
Destination Goat
Kid With Man Head