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NOTE: Many local and national acts have played at The Saint numerous times over the course of several years. In most cases, a name is listed under the heading of the year in which the band or artist first played The Saint. However, in some instances, a name may appear more than once for no particular reason. Sorry for any duplications. Also, while some effort was put into spelling names correctly this may not have been enough. If you notice a spelling error, please email the correction to [email protected]. Thanks! Scott.

National Bands

Luke Brinley (Washington, DC)
Red Wanting Blue (Columbus, OH)
Libby Johnson (NYC)
Parker House and Theory (Boston, MA)
Goat (NYC)
Love Arcade (Detroit, MI)
Turbine (NYC)
Parlor Mob (NJ)
Mooney Suzuki (NYC)
Stand (Ireland)
Oteil Burbridge and The Peacemakers (Augusta, GA)
Juggling Suns (NJ)
Sick Puppies (Australia)
Shannon McNally (New Orleans)
Lorenzo Bertocchini (Valencia, Italy)
Bill Toms (Pittsburgh, PA)
The Breakfast (CT)
Mink (NYC/Austrailia)
Flickersticks (Dallas, TX)
Edible Red (NYC)
We Landed On the Moon (Red Stick, LO)
Lion Ize (Baltimore, MD)
Fixer (NYC)
The Orion Experience (NYC)
The Cliks (Toronto, Canada)
The Attic (RI)
Full Service (Austin, TX)
Ray West Band (NYC)
Griffin House (Nashville, TN)
Sons of Williams (NYC)
The Bridge (Baltimore, MD)
Kill The Alarm (NJ)
Nine Days (Long Island, NY)
Alternate Routes (CT)
The Futurists (Atlanta, GA)
Eli “Paperboy” Reed and The True Loves (Boston, MA)
Eric Lindell Band (New Orleans)
The Cringe (NYC)
Todd Thiabaud (Boston, MA)
Seymore Saves The World (MN)

Local Bands

Long Day Over
Clam Fight
Soup Sandwich
Turtle Soup
Predator Dub Assassins
Divine Sign
Tony Tedesco
Maybe Pete
Christine Martucci
Jesse Poland
Bob Denson
Arlan Feiles and The Lone Howdy’s
Day Without Dawn
Fake Gims
Greg Wilkins
Dakota Bends
Status Green
The Backbeat
Random Test
Gena Lee
Amber Blues
Tommy Strazza
Rick Barry
Fistful of Time
Kathouse Rhythm
Wreck Engine
Stainless Steel
Jetta Grove
Half Eaten
Last Perfect Thing
Val Emmich
Aqua Vibe
Gay Blades
Hero Pattern
Low Flying Jets
Friends of Bill Wilson
Melissa Chill
Last Days of Empire
Natural Breakdown
Big Baby Ernie
Joe Harvard
Buzz Universe
New Bru
Stringbean & The Stalkers
Blue Highways
Night Only Visual
The Gay Blades
Ashes Are Nutritious
John Ginty Band
Arlan Feiles
Eryne Shewell
Keith Kenny
April Smith & The Great Picture Show
A Diary of Need
All The Tired Horses
Grand Alto
The Fifth
The Fave
Evolution Now
Lost In Society
Tainted Purity
Axl Foley
One False Move
Uncle Funk
Piper Stone
The Chilling Details
Mike Montrey
Butch Sochorow
The Obvious
Spider Rockets
Beth Artnson
Anthony Fiumano
The Bread Box Band
Zelda Pinwheel
Pink Frog
The Obsessions
Random Test
Voice of the Conquered
Outside the Box
Amber Blues
Mike June and the Dirty Dubs
Sekond Skyn
A Day of Pigs
Keith McCarthy
Status Green
Level Zero
End of An Era
Barry & The Penetrators
The Soul Project
Green Tag Sale
Anton Roolaart
Whole Wheat
Jazz Pollution
Kindred Souls