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NOTE: Many local and national acts have played at The Saint numerous times over the course of several years. In most cases, a name is listed under the heading of the year in which the band or artist first played The Saint. However, in some instances, a name may appear more than once for no particular reason. Sorry for any duplications. Also, while some effort was put into spelling names correctly this may not have been enough. If you notice a spelling error, please email the correction to [email protected]. Thanks! Scott.

National Bands

Tegan and Sara (Vancouver, BC)
Kyma Dawson (NYC)
Pat Dinizio (NJ)
Red Wanting Blue (Columbus, OH)
July of Kings (Cincinnati, OH)
Alternate Routes (Connecticut)
The Damnwells (NYC)
Steven Kellogg/Acoustic (MA)
The Virginia Coalition (Alexandria, VA)
Matt Wertz (Nashville, TN)
Griffin House (Nashville, TN)
The Kinn (NYC/Austrailia)
Ingram Hill (Memphis, TN)
Pat McGee (Richmond, VA)
Del Sol (NJ)
Graham Parker (Woodstock, NY)
Bullets and Octane (LA)
Borealis (Neptune, NJ)
Phil Roy (Philadelphia, PA)
Rod Picott (Nashville, TN)
Robert Hazard (Philadelphia, PA)
Chris Harford & The Band of Changes (Hopewell, NJ)
Matt Keating (NYC)
Trashcan Sinatra’s (Scotland)
Joseph Parsons (Philadelphia)
Sirsy (NYC)
Suicide City (NJ)
Culture (Jamaica)
Venus Flytrap (Holland)
Chris Smithers (Boston)
Will Hoge (Nashville, TN)
Peter Himmelman (Minnesota)
David Poe (NYC)
Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers (Nashville, TN)
The Twenty Two’s (NYC)
Jim Boggia (Philadelphia)
Todd Thibaud (Boston, MA)
Tracy Bonham (Boston, MA)
Shannon McNally (New Orleans)
Backyard Babies (Stockholm)
Chelsea Smiles (LA)
Erin McKeowon (Boston, MA)
Joseph Parsons (Philadelphia, PA)
Jerry Joseph (Portland, OR)
Townhall (Philadelphia)
Luce (San Francisco, CA)
Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash
(San Diego, CA)
Stand (Ireland)
The Moistboyz (New Hope, PA)
Glen Burtnick (New Jersey)
Kevin Divine (NYC)
Moot Davis (LA)
Rob Dickerson (England)
The Ike Reilly Assassination (Chicago, IL)
32 Leaves (Arizona)
Mingo Fishtrap (Austin, TX)
The Charms (Somerville, MA)
Jody Raffoul (Detroit, MI)
Alabama Thunderpussy (Richmond, VA)
Hammel on Trial (NY)
Living Things (MO)

Local Bands

Rick Barry and The Jigg Makers
DJ Jim from the Melody
Joe Harvard
Matt O’Rea
The Soul Project
Frank Bressi
Nicole Atkins
The Pierces
Arlan Feirlies and the Lone Howdys
Local Hero
Lexington Down
Happy Anarchy (Staten Island)
Maybe Pete
All Things New
Val Emmich
The Vanity’s
Low Flying Jets
Friends of Bill Wilson
A Life Less Perfect
Shoemakers Guild
Tokyo Rose
Hello Lovely
Outside the Box
Matthew Curran Band
Cleverly Hidden Hero
Wendy’s Words and the Wonder Boys
Random Test
Andrew Holtz
English and The Forty Ouncers
Peter Scherer
Checkered Past
Lousy Breaks
Carl Chesna
Soul Generator
One Bullet Test
Roots of Rebellion
Divine Sign
April Smith
Pat Roddy
Karmic Juggernaut
The Obvious
Hat Trick of Misery
Unseen Vision
Art of Ruin
Gut Wrench
John Lidersdorff
Bionic Twitch
Amber Blues
Tears of Herra
Jetta Grove
Sheryl D
What About Frank
Stainless Steel
Soul Project
No Such Thing
In Spite Of
Lord Sterling
Wreck Engine
Suck Bug
Red Headed Boogie Child
Mike Brody
Moses Mumford
One False Move
A Day of Pigs
False Finish
Cool Days End
Souls Release
Uncomfortable Silence
Meets West
Everyone Cool is Dead
The Gay Blades
James Dunegan
Evolution Now
The Love Reunion
A Love Like Pi
The Fifth
Honey Spot Blvd.
Paul Rosevear
Victory Gin
Michael Patrick & The Suburban Hillbillies
The Churchills
Hub City Stompers
Piper Stone
Stacy Smith
Phil Benson
Blue Tom
Grand Alto
The Fire
Amanda Cashman
Vinnie Lopez and Steel Mill Retro
Frankenstein 3000
Danny White
Allie Moss
Full Out Freak
Strength in Numbers
Ken Shane
Fake H
Ashes Are Nutritious
Mark Prescott
The Marbles
Christine Martucci Band
The Commons
The Vanities
Badon Hill
Status Green
Temporary Grace
Aquilla Sisters
Neptune Society
All The Tired Horses