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NOTE: Many local and national acts have played at The Saint numerous times over the course of several years. In most cases, a name is listed under the heading of the year in which the band or artist first played The Saint. However, in some instances, a name may appear more than once for no particular reason. Sorry for any duplications. Also, while some effort was put into spelling names correctly this may not have been enough. If you notice a spelling error, please email the correction to [email protected]. Thanks! Scott.

National Bands

Jim Boggia (Philadelphia)
Kayo Dots (Boston, MA)
Josh Dion Band (NY)
Sirsy (NY)
Jimmie’s Chicken Shack (Baltimore, MD)
Red Wanting Blue (Columbus, OH)
Shannon Curfman (Fargo, ND)
Lennon (Orlando, FL)
Living Things (MO)
The Vacation (LA)
The 22s (LA)
Dada (LA)
Alternate Routes (CT)
Nicole Atkins and The Sea (Neptune/Brooklyn)
Anais Mitchell (Vermont)
Richard Julian (NYC)
Hamell On Trial (NY)
The Lost Patrol (NYC)
Winterpills (North Hampton, MA)
Slunt (NYC)
The X’s (NYC)
West Indian Girl (LA)
Bif Naked (Vancouver, BC)
Tony Levin Band (Woodstock, NY)
Culture (Jamaica)
Joseph King (Austin, TX)
Nooner (Austin, TX)
Suicide Holiday (LA)
PM Dawn (NJ)
Inner Visions (St. John, Virgin Islands)
Jenn Chapin (NYC)
Kacie Sheik (NYC)
Kasim Sultan (NY)
Toubab Krew (Asheville, NC)
Suicide City (NJ)
Samantha Stollenwerck
(San Francisco, CA)
Angie Aparo (Atlanta, GA)
Luke Brindley (DC)
Jim Bianco (NYC)
Gary Jewels (LA)
Spread Eagle (NYC)
The Shy’s (CA)
Johnny Goudie (Austin, TX)
Toby Lightman (NYC)
Grayson Manor (Atlanta, GA)
Rehab (Atlanta, GA)
Indigenous (South Dakota)
The Brakes (Philadelphia)
Richard Bacchus (NC)
Joanna Lee (Stockholm, Sweden)
The Pink Spiders (Nashville, TN)
Ingrid Michaelson & Allie Moss (NYC/NJ)
Albert Hammond Jr. (NYC)
Veins of Jenna (Sweden/LA)
Artimus Pyledriver (Atlanta, GA)
Fireball Ministry (LA)
Fantasy Core (Japan)
The New Rivals (NY)
The Lourds (NYC)
Libby Johnson (NYC)
Lorenzo Bertocchini (Varese, Italy)
The Breakfast (CT)
Codename (NYC)

Local Bands

Rick Barry
April Smith
Arlan Feirlis
Ready Made Breakup
Amanda Cashman
The Soul Project
Nicole Atkins
Jigg Makers
Bob Polding Band
Moth Guts
Meets West
Wreck Engine
Day of Pigs
Red Lyte District
George Wirth
Cool Days End
Maybe Pete
The Churchills
Jetta Grove
Tony Tedesco
Status Green
Transfusion M
The Green Room
Joe Use
The Wag
Ashes Are Nutritious
Genna and Dragster
End of an Era
Whale Meat
Divine Sign
Atomic Bitchwax
Lord Sterling
Chilling Details
What About Frank
The Jam Tree
Karmic Juggernaut
Anthony Fiumano
Hero Pattern
Stainless Steel
English and the Forty Ouncers
Everyone Cool is Dead
Local Hero
Glenn Wood
Frankenstein 3000
A Fistful of Time
Bobby Strange
Long Gone Day
Jerry Gaskill
Josh Zandman
Unseen Vision
The Fire
Last Days of Empire
John Francis
Status Green
Halo Generation
John Ginty Band
Chapter 10
Lisa Bouchelle
Joe Weimer
Lonnie Kenn and Johnny
The Vanities
The Gay Blades
Alex Brumel
Rachel Zamstein
Andrew Holtz
Mikells’s Plot
Brian Saint
Steve Conte
Mike Black
Screaming Preemies
Tainted Purity
December Pride
Joy Simone
Jim Testa
Day Without Dawn
Fake Gimms
Moses Mumford and The Fifth
Through the Grey
Clam Fight
One Bullet Test
Predator Dub Assassins
Matt O’Ree Band
Bruce Wacker Band
Bad Biscuit
Friends of Bill Wilson
Sekond Skyn
Raz Roots
Jay Hernandez
Zelda Pinwheel
Right Foot Running
Allagash 5
Morning Wood
Rob Dye Band
Keith Kenny
Riff Surfers
Spider Rockets
Turtle Soup
One Hot Mess
Blue Highways
Soup Sandwich
Mulch Brothers
Jon Caspi
Last Perfect Thing
Keith McCarthy
Red Wagon
Random Test
All Things New
Mike Brody
Domenick Carino
John Sontag
Sheli Aardon
Elephant Ghosts
Jessie Poland
Almost There
The Lotus Age
Skinny Meatloaf
Stringbean and The Stalkers
Bob Berger
Anton Roolaart
Hidden Agenda
Lagosi Suite
The Parlor Mob
Michael Brett
Joanna Burns
Jason Stanley
Eric Ginsberg
The X Men
Long Day Over
Aqua Vibe
Lady Jane
Tunnels to Holland
Aster Phoenyx
Karen Mansfield
Natural Breakdown
Joe Harvard
Semi-erotic Shapes
Jay 420
Bill Arneth
Sonny Kenn
Erin Shewell
Whole Wheat
Infinite Detour
Kathouse Rhythm
Axel Foley
The Milwalkee’s
Tommy Straza
Chris Batten and The Woods
Bob Denson
Rock & Roll Xmas Show hosted by Arlan Feiles
Big Baby Ernie
Condemned to Burn
Grand Alto
Miss TK and the Revenge